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Morrissey Encyclopedia

Morrissey, born in 1959, is a famous British singer. He is a vegetarian and animal rights advocate, and his personal book meat eating is murder. He once declined to perform because he smelled meat at the upcoming performance. 


Morrissey began in 1959. She is a British Royal singer. 

In 2007, Morrissey said that immigration had changed the face of Britain, but he later rejected that he was a racist. She is a vegetarian and animal rights advocate. He wrote the song "eating meat is murder". In 2009, he stopped performing at a music festival in the United States because of the smell of barbecue. 

Fainted at the concert

On the evening of October 24, 2009, during a concert in his hometown, Morrissey suddenly fainted on the stage and was rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, he was OK. The lead vocalist of the former group Smiths (Smith) sang at the oasis leisure center in Swindon that night, fighting for than 1000 people. Some fans revealed that after 25 minutes of the concert, Morrissey had an accident during his performance of the 1983 hit this charming man. His facial muscles twitched. When he finished singing the song, he suddenly fainted and fell unconscious on the stage. 

Additional staff immediately carried him away from the scene and sent him to the nearby Great Western Hospital. After treatment, he was located in stable condition. A hospital spokesman said Morrissey had experienced breathing difficulties but was not life-threatening. 


In September 2010, Morrissey, a legendary British singer, falsely accused the Chinese of abusing animals and described the Chinese as a "second-class race" in an interview with the media. He was strongly criticised for public opinion. Some commentators called him a "crude racist". 

When speaking about animal rights in an exclusive interview with the guardian Weekend magazine, Morrissey claimed, "have you seen those things about how they treat animals and animal welfare? It's absolutely horrible. You have to feel that the Chinese is really a 'second-class race'.". 

Morrissey's remarks caused great controversy, with some commentators getting him a "crude racist". Clark, a columnist for the British guardian, said Morrissey's remarks were a "deliberate test of the taboos related to race" bottom line, and this practice must be switched off. 

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