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Seeing That Morrissey Has Changed From The Icon Of The Year To The Laughingstock Of Today, But I Still Don't Plan To Take Off The Fan

Saw a live video of Morrissey's new album tour a few weeks ago, and Moz is known to be the guy who cancels shows at every turn, citing things like selling grilled meat, bad weather, and bad heat, even with David Bowie. Walking away in the middle of the tour. Under the dark cloud of the epidemic, the former The Smiths lead singer, who is over 60 years old, started singing as usual. As soon as he came up, he sang "The End Of The World" to ridicule the current situation. He opened with the song "London" by The Smiths. As deep and transparent as in the 20s. On the stage screen is the 2004 album cover of "You Are the Quarry", but "Quarry" has been changed to " Quarantined ", Morrissey on the cover is wearing a mask, full of Morrissey, full of fuck.

Screenshot of the live video of the concert

Name Morrissey has many meanings: Manchester indie rock icon of the 80s, Gu Ying self-pity first person, bad boy icona , politically incorrect talkera , famous troll, die-hard vegetarian. I know that many people regard him as a god, and many people do not appreciate him, thinking that he is a narcissist who loves to talk nonsense. As a fan of The Smiths for over a decade, I'm getting more and more incomprehensible about the former front man, whose outrageous comments and actions in recent years have overwhelmed anyone trying to defend him.

He famously stated that "the Chinese are a second-class race" because, obviously, we have a terrible "animal rights" situation here. When it comes to immigration, he worries that the influx of immigrants will make the UK "the country will not be a country", complaining that "when you walk on the streets of central London, you can hear all kinds of accents, but you can't hear the British accent", even though his parents were Irish immigrants and he himself now lives in Los Angeles. Two years ago, he began publicly supporting the far-right anti-Muslim party For Britain. After being accused of racism, he retorted. "Everyone prefers their own race. Does that mean I'm a racist?"

This Charming Man is about to become This Harming Man.

Nevertheless, he also opposes nationalism at times. For example, bombarding the 2012 London Olympics with "arrogant chauvinism" was tantamount to Nazi Germany in 1939.

Morrissey has made controversial remarks on controversial issues, and in an interview with German weekly Der Spiegel in 2017, he defended the sexual harassment allegations against Kevin Spacey and Weinstein, saying, "Some people are just clumsy, Don't know how to show love", "I've never had this happen to me when I was 14, when you go into someone's bedroom, you should know what's going to happen next", "A lot of the time the so-called victim just has no hope It's just that if the process is enjoyable and leads to career success, they won't say anything ."

This remark attracted a lot of scolding, Moz was very angry and issued a solemn statement condemning malicious slander by the unscrupulous media:

This eloquent and full-fledged narration is much more exciting than his work in recent years.

Morrissey asked Der Spiegel for an unedited, doctored recording of the interview, claiming that he never said it unless it was heard from his mouth, forcing Der Spiegel to release the detailed interview tape to prove the truth.

Moz's relationship with the mainstream media is obviously not very good, and occasionally makes the above childish protests.

What makes our Smiths fans tickle the most is that Morrissey posted an article on his personal website (the interviewer is suspected of himself) saying that The Smiths' achievements are nothing compared to his solo career, saying The Smiths It's good, but it was too simple back then, and now when the media mentions him Morrissey has to mention The Smiths, "it's like talking about David Bowie and only thinking of 'The Laughing Gnome'".

However, I just can't hate him.

Morrissey in the 1980s, like most musicians of that era, never shies away from expressing a clear political stance and strong humanistic concern in his work. The royal family ( " The Queen is Dead " ) and opposed to the killing of animals ( " Eating Meat is Murder " ) was undoubtedly a left wing youth at that time , so in recent years he has turned to the alt-right conservative ideas of anti-multiculturalism and anti-immigration, which made many former fans Feeling betrayed emotionally. This consists of reason. A person who so delicately and sensitively depicts the hearts of lonely outliers, a person who once raised his arms and shouted on behalf of the marginalized and disadvantaged groups who were not understood, now seems to have lost empathy for those who have been insulted and damaged. Heart. Morrissey certainly has the freedom to express his views, but for music fans, it is inevitable to experience an inward tear.

In fact, there is still some excellent work during Morrissey's solo period, such as this "November Spawned A Monster" from the perspective of a disabled girl. And Morrissey in the '90s is still a handsome devil, gay and weird and cool, and never tire of looking at it.

Generally speaking, the person you like will not be too different from the bottom line of your values and principles, but when you live to a certain age, you will inevitably encounter a moment of " how can someone who thought it was pretty good do this ", such as Lin Shaohua's post The "deep righteousness" argument really disgusts me. However, why Morrissey's stupid words and deeds force the album to be boring, and I don't plan to lose my fans at all? Isn't liking Moz contradicting my "against blaming victims of sexual assault" and "support for multiculturalism"? If these words were replaced by Trump's words, I would have gone to Twitter to curse people, but I am not only not disgusted by Moz's thoughtless words, but also inexplicably funny.

It would a lies to say that there is no preference and selfishness. As one of my favorite band souls, this guy's music got me through a gloomy and oppressive adolescence, for a teen it's like the only friend who understands you, school and family become Not so unbearable. The Smiths don't look that "rock", the members are plainly dressed, and the lead singer, who is not very straight at first glance, has flowers on his ass and half-naked chest twisting and twisting, but it really fascinated me. No matter what Morrissey said or did, their songs still bring me comfort and joy to this day.

Salford Lads Club is a sanctuary for every Smiths fan | Photo: Stephen Wright

Morrissey, a geek of all ages, is keen to tell about the alienation, misunderstanding, and relatedness of marginalized aliens. He uses his sharp and witty style to reveal his sadness, resentment, loneliness, pride, twisting, careful, precarious, and tenderly. There's nothing wrong with saying to you that you're unhappy and that you should give up on life sooner rather than later. As Morrissey himself said, "The Smiths are very personal to me, like pouring a diary into music". Morrissey's "Diary" is full of things like "I was looking for a job and then I found a job, and heaven knows I'm miserable now" ) and "I had a really bad dream, it lasted 20 years, seven months and 27 days" An emotion that can be called " the burnout of youth " - not much desire to live, not much interest in death:

Morrissey's negative and romantic attitude to life really "poisoned" me deeply, and "I know that this is Over" is currently number one on my funeral playlist. I can't really dislike someone who wrote "Half A Person" and "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me".

I know because The Smiths listened too much

As puberty fades away, the worry of that age fades away and it's less so, but The Smiths/Morrissey has always occupied an irreplaceable place in my heart. No matter what he is now, Morrissey is still the Morrissey, the angry, outspoken, arrogant and sincere, acerbic and tender, wryly joking, immersed in a self-woven drama, the guy in the closet. It is these qualities that people love and hate that make a unique alternative icon, the major drama queen in the history of pop culture - I don't know what amazing remarks or disgusting actions he will make in the next second. , but you are justn't have a temper with him, and you give him a smirk of pity and affection for every absurd word and deed.

The mental state of a typical teenage Smiths fan

Moz also knew that his big mouth would provoke public outrage, as early as "Big Mouth Strikes Again" he sings defiantly: "Honey darling I'm just kidding when I say that i am going to punch you all over the place. ,I'm just kidding."

Of course he wasn't joking, and he diddo not feel sorry at all, he was a martyr like Joan of Arc.

This irreconcilable contradiction haunts us for a long time in the ongoing debate about whether character and work can be viewed separately. Fang Siqi said that she believes in a person who can recite "The Song of Everlasting Regret" in its entirety. This is due to her belief in literature. We also believe that the creators of those beautiful works are as beautiful as their work, not so much the author. , rather than believing in art itself. But let's face it, just because your idols can create something that moves you doesn't mean they won't sexually abuse minors, beat their wives, support Nazis, or that your favorite band members don't hate each other, or for the sake of The royalties battle went to court. We all have to finally accept that art, or whatever you believe, doesn't make people better. It's disillusioning.

In a fan reply , Nick Cave said to a divided and confused Morrissey fan: Perhaps the best thing to do is to allow Morrissey to hold his views, question them anytime and anywhere, but allow yourself to keep liking his music, Also remember that we are all contradictory individuals 鈥messy, mutilated, people who do crazy stupid things.

Smiths fans and Smiths of blacks finally agree on one thing - that is, hate Morrissey!

Today's Morrissey is the object of after-dinner ridicule for his anachronistic demeanor, bloated figure and unchanging narcissistic pomp. No one is better at trolling than him - our contemporary Wilde seems to be talking about wherever he goes and what he says, always fighting people, writing novels that won the "worst fictional literary description of the year" award, and his name from time to time. Seen in the newspapers (negative reports and bad reviews), jokes / emoticons emerge in an endless stream, and fans are pleased to be able to make a fuss about him. During the epidemic, there was a trend of #isolateMorrissey lyric spoofing on Twitter, and some black fans hoped to isolate Morrissey directly and rapper wrote songs, hoping that he would die soon...

And I hope Mr. Mo can continue to collaborate for another 60 years. Seriously, what could be more gratifying than seeing the idol you had a crush on during your second year of high school?

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Seeing That Morrissey Has Changed From The Icon Of The Year To The Laughingstock Of Today, But I Still Don't Plan To Take Off The Fan

Saw a live video of Morrissey's new album tour a few weeks ago, and Moz is known to be the guy who cancels shows at every turn, citing t...